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On-Line Giving Now Available -

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Sunday Services -November 29 -11 a.m.


You can attend/view our service 4 different ways:

Projected to the screen in the Fellowship Hall and this area is "Masks Only." If you enter through that door, please put on a mask as you walk through to the classrooms or the Sanctuary.

Broadcasted through your car's radio and on Facebook


Or live in our sanctuary - masks on the right & no masks on the left.

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Graceland News -


Frank & Mary Southall -

Frank and Mary lost their mobile home when two large trees fell across the middle of it.  It was raining during the destruction and the contents were also ruined.  Please help them with funding as their home was condemned.  They will need to replace at least $10,000 worth of items.  The funds would be appreciated before winter begins because of the cold weather.

Click here to go to the "Go Fund Me" page


Please join us - CD's are provided as well as "memory sticks" - if your car doesn't have a CD or USB port - a CD player will be provided.